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Utility rooms are fast becoming seen as an essential part of modern living. These practical and serviceable spaces offer a place to hide some of the more unsightly household chores. After all, do you want your guests to see a pile of dirty laundry or your underwear hanging up to dry? No, you don’t.

“With the increase in open-plan living, we’ve noticed customers prefer to create a defined separation between their kitchen and utility functions, where space permits,” said Tony McCarthy, from Crown Imperial told Real Homes.

So, if you’re thinking of getting an extension and adding a utility room, here is Simply’s simple guide to how to make the most of your available space.

If extending your home to include a utility room, how much space do you need?

When defining how much space you should dedicate to a utility room, think about what you want to get out of it. Will it be more of a laundry room, downstairs bathroom, a pantry, back kitchen, a general dumping ground or all of the above?

Whatever your utility room is for, you’ll be surprised what you can fit in a small space with clever space saving tricks. If you plan on storing your washer and dryer in the room, you can stack them to save space.

Add tall cupboards to keep your upright hoover, mops and brushes. Having open shelving is also the most efficient way to store food, but if you like things to be behind closed doors, sliding doors are ideal for small spaces.

Where should I put my utility room?

Theoretically, you can have a utility room anywhere in the house. However, wherever it’s located, your appliances will need to be plumbed into the water and heating supply. It is more efficient and economical to have your utility room next to your kitchen and it’s also usually more practical in a general scene.

What should I have in my utility room?

This of course depends on what you want from this space. If you are using it as more of a laundry room then having a sink is something to consider. It can be used to soak clothes when necessary, as well as clean dirty shoes and bathe any small pets.

One easy thing to overlook is power points. If you are creating a utility room as part of an extension, make sure enough power points for all those appliances are planned in.

Underfloor heating can be put to excellent practical use in utility rooms. It can help dry your washing faster without taking up any wall space.

If you are putting in cabinets, and the utility room is connected to the kitchen, you may want to use the same style cabinets to create a cohesive flow. Also, as this is a practical space, easy to wipe work surfaces are essential.

If you want to create an extension to include a utility room, call Simply Extend today. We are specialists in creating fixed cost extensions in London.

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