Many London home extensions are built in order to house brand new kitchens, creating much-needed living space for growing families and many people take the opportunity to create a completely bespoke space that fulfils all of their needs. Whether it’s state-of-the-art appliances, generous space or beautiful design, Simply Extend can help you to create the kitchen extension of your dreams.

To help you decide on your perfect kitchen, we’ve hunted down some of the must-have kitchen trends of 2016.

Open plan living

Open plan spaces are hardly a new thing, but social spaces are a big part of 2016 interiors and so kitchens that provide a sociable area for entertaining are a must. Think a breakfast bar or island acting as a divider between your kitchen and a living and dining space where you can cook while chatting to guests.

Modern country

Country kitchens have long been popular in the UK, but we’re now seeing a contemporary twist reduce the twee-factor and give the style a modern-makeover that feels more retro-vintage than old fashioned. Blending soft pastel tones with rich woods such as walnut give a more contemporary look, while keeping that rustic feel.


Mid-century design

If your tastes veer more towards modern than traditional, you’ll be glad to hear that the mid-century, Nordic style infiltrating homes is making its way to the kitchen this year. Combining white with lighter wood textures will capture style beautifully, as will keeping surfaces free of clutter – everything should be minimalist and functional.

Under-cabinet lighting

Another example of something that’s been around for a long time making itself heard in a big way, lighting strips under cabinets are a must-have for your 2016 kitchen. Perfect for mood lighting, or simply for focussing a light on to your counter top (great for cooking), this style of lighting is also great in open plan kitchen-living spaces where you perhaps don’t want your kitchen brightly lit while you’re not using it, but you also don’t want it in darkness.

Smart storage

Storage has always been a big aspect of kitchen design, but 2016 is the year it gets smart. With lots of hidden drawers and cupboards masquerading as flat wall panels, you’ll have plenty of places to hide your cookware, while maintaining a high-end look.

Simply Extend have years of experience building beautiful kitchen extensions in London. Drop us a line today to discuss your plans and we’ll help you get the space you need with the design you want.

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