Simply Extend kitchen extension flooring London

If you’re getting a brand new kitchen extension in your London home, flooring is one of the things you need to think about early on as it’s so integral to the room. But with so many choices out there, choosing can be a bit of a minefield.

To help, we’ve put together a handy guide that breaks down all of the different types of kitchen flooring and their benefits.


Floor tiles certainly have the benefit of being practical – you can simply wipe up any spills. They also come in a huge range of styles and colours so you can co-ordinate them with your dream kitchen, whether classic or contemporary.


Great for contemporary kitchens, concrete is a versatile option that can be poured directly onto the existing flooring. It’s low maintenance and can come in a variety of colours. It can even be laid indoors and outdoors if you want to create that joined-up feeling.


Resin floors are comfortable underfoot thanks to a soft finish. What makes them particularly good for kitchens is the material’s hygienic properties.

Simply Extend kitchen extension flooring LondonEngineered wood

Cheaper and more resilient than solid wood – which can warp in the kitchen due to heat and moisture sensitivity – engineered wood gives a traditional wooden flooring look without the hefty price tag. It even comes in a range of widths and finishes.


Laminate flooring can suit all budgets and good quality laminate is easily durable enough for a high-traffic area like the kitchen. It comes in a range of finishes, including wood and stone effect, and it often has antimicrobial and antistatic properties, making it ideal for kitchen use.


If being eco-friendly is a must, bamboo flooring is a great choice. It’s super durable and can be stained and sealed for the finish you want. Much more environmentally friendly than wood, it releases up to 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than trees do and, because it grows so fast, it can be harvested multiple times in a year.


Cork flooring is another eco-friendly option and is available in a range of colours, finishes and designs. It’s naturally antibacterial so it’s perfect for households with allergy sufferers, and its airiness means it’s comfy underfoot.

Simply Extend kitchen extension flooring LondonVinyl

If you want the look of wood or stone, but don’t have the time to maintain it, vinyl flooring is a strong contender. It has the benefit of being warmer and quieter underfoot than natural materials too.


Linoleum – or lino – flooring is ideal for kitchen spaces as its natural, sustainable materials are antibacterial and won’t harbour dust mites. This, of course, makes it great for allergy sufferers as well. Like vinyl, it’s warm and comfy underfoot.


Often used in commercial buildings, rubber is extremely resilient yet is super comfortable to the touch. It comes in a massive range of textures and colours and is easy to maintain.

Speak to Simply Extend on 0800 917 7571 to discuss your plans for your London kitchen extension, and we can help you decide on the perfect finish. You can even take a look at our case studies to get some ideas.

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