Back in Summer 2017, the star of BBC’s Little Parisian Kitchen and Editor-in-Chief of Khoollect Magazine; Rachel Khoo, asked our experts here at Simply Extend to help her renovate and extend her ground floor apartment.
The premise of the renovation was simple; to transform the 52sqm Victorian terrace into a multi-purpose family home, that has both comfort at style at its core, whilst still being adaptable enough to double up as an office space and creative studio.

Living Area Extension
It was clear from the outset that the kitchen/living area was going to be the hub of both work and family life, so Rachel designed a space that could work as both, despite the potential challenges of an open plan layout.
A standard side return extension seemed to be the most cost-effective and simplest way to minimise the planning permission paperwork whilst still adding an extra 18sqm of space, which Rachel plans on using as an office and a studio to shoot footage and photographs for her Khoollect website, blog and shows.
In order to create a space that is perfect for shooting videos, cooking, as well as entertaining guests, access to as much natural light as possible was imperative. To do this, our team installed multiple skylights throughout the length of the room, and also installed gorgeous, high quality aluminium bi-folding doors.

Creating The Khoollect Studio
As well as an all-purpose living area, Rachel also required a multi-functional studio that could function as both an office for the Khoollect team to work from during the day, and a cosy bedroom for her to rest her head when she is in London – along with all the extra appliances that both those areas bring. Simply Extend fully refurbished the front room, including removing an old unused chimney breast to gain those all important extra inches of space. Rachel then cleverly then designed the space to include lots of storage, a hidden pull down bed and a clever movable book case to separate and extend the front and second bedrooms.

Through the bookcase, the spare bedroom which looks out onto a pretty small courtyard was also fully refurbished by the team. This space not only boasts a luxurious place for guests to sleep, but also acts as a second office, for those days when peace and quiet is a necessity.

Bathroom Renovation
Finally, the smallest, yet one of the most luxurious rooms, is the bathroom. Despite not having a huge amount of space to work with, Rachel’s bathroom has the perfect feel of a miniature spa-at-home.

For more home renovation ideas, take a look at our North London case studies for inspiration. If you are thinking about adding an extension and reconfiguring your flat or apartment, then contact Simply Extend for a no obligation, free site survey.


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