When you’re planning your home extension, it’s easy to get caught up in all of the ‘fun’ elements such as picking out your furniture and décor, or perhaps designing your new kitchen. It’s less easy to get excited about the more structural elements, such as the type of roof you’re going to have, but the roof will really define the overall look of your extension.

Here we look at your two main choices when deciding on a roof type are flat and pitched, but what are the pros and cons of each?

Flat roof

Simply Extend London home extension flat roof

The obvious benefit of a flat roof is cost as it is generally cheaper than a pitched roof. This is because there is less structural engineering involved and they are for the most part constructed from cheaper materials. They can also have a great modern look for more contemporary buildings – although some more contemporary materials such as zinc can bring the costs up.

However, your ceiling inside will be lower, making the space appear smaller and a flat roof can require a lot of maintenance over time, depending on the materials used. It’s also not a great design for lots of insulation, making it less energy efficient.

Pitched roof

Simply Extend London home extension pitched roof

The design of a pitched roof will usually blend in better with the style of more traditional houses, making it a favourite with planning departments. It also has a definite benefit of space. You can create a higher ceiling beneath it, or even use it for loft space in some instances. It will also have a longer lifespan than a flat roof thanks to more weather resistant, durable materials and a design that allows water to run off more efficiently. A pitched roof will also allow for more insulation than a flat roof – keeping your energy bills down.

However, a pitched roof is more expensive due to more structural engineering and more building hours.

The design of your roof may be dictated to you by a variety of factors such as your local authority’s planning department, or what you want to use your extension for, but when you do have a choice, it’s wise to consider carefully what you can afford but also what will be the best long-term decision.

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