With hundreds of design and build projects under our belt, here at Simply Extend we are the right people to ask why you should choose a design and build company to manage your project from concept to completion.

Read on for  our top reasons as to why this system has enabled us to deliver so many successful projects over the years.

  1.  You work with one company

With both design and construction in the hands of one firm, there is a single point of responsibility for quality, cost and keeping on schedule. Much more attention and care is usually taken when considering aspects such as pricing and scheduling in the design phase when the same team and company will be building your project.

2.  Everyone working together

We are all on the same team and face any challenges together. A network of architects, surveyors, contractors, suppliers and service delivery teams are already in place working together. Strong working relationships have already been built across all departments.

3.  Time savings

In almost all cases it will take longer and cost more to separate these phases and have them managed by separate companies, since there are more people, steps and payment requests required. Putting the project back out to tender will take time as you go back to the drawing board yet again with price checking.

Materials can also be ordered early in the process, enabling construction time to be minimised.

4.  Unified quality control

With this approach, quality control happens under the same umbrella, from start through to the finish of your extension. This is very different from typical construction models where QC occurs more randomly, in different phases and by various entities. A more streamlined QC process results in a lack of disputes between designers and builders as well as less risk for you the client.

5.  Early Knowledge of Firm Costs

Cost information is developed in parallel with the preliminary design, and once the costs are established, the project team guides the design within the budget constraints.

Unfortunately, it is not unusual to hear about situations in where the cost of the project is twice as much or more than the designer said it would be. Such a scenario is entirely unacceptable in the design and build set up.

6.  Expertise

Design and build firms are experts in both fields. Here at Simply Extend our architectural team are licensed with formal architectural training and experience in the architecture field. They should also have professional experience in construction and understand pricing, sequencing and how extensions are constructed.

7.  Total accountability

One company is accountable for everything – including how the end result looks.  Establishing who is responsible for what errors can be slippery, resulting in a lot of “he-said/she-said”. A lot of this is avoided with design and build projects. There is no pointing of fingers, everyone is involved finding solutions and working together.

8.  Faster project completion

The less hoops there are to jump through, the less complicated the process is, and the less time it will require to come to completion. Design and build projects are typically completed 33% faster than their traditional building counterparts.


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