More and more London residents are considering adding an extension to their home. It can be a fantastic investment for any property and help to increase its overall value, especially at a time when house prices in the capital are expected to fluctuate thanks to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and other economic factors.

Extending your property isn’t just a sound financial investment. It can also go a long way to improving your overall living conditions and giving your social life a boost. Creating a party kitchen through a new rear extension, for example, is a great way to better host parties and special occasions, providing more room for friends and family members to socialise as well as admire the beauty of your home.

It’s a fantastic option for families who like to spend time together to consider, too. For parents or younger adults with an active social life, socialising with friends and family can be incredibly important. If the kids are getting older, too, extending the kitchen may be a more financially-rewarding option in the long-term than selling the home.

So, how do you create the perfect party kitchen?

1: Consider the space you have to work with

Take a look at your current kitchen and think about how you want it to look. How big would you like it to be, what features should it have and how it should look when finished? There are other extension options available to consider besides a rear extension for instance; a side return, wrap-around or double storey may be the best option. Simply Extend will provide a free site survey to help you decide what’s best for you.

2: What will the new space be used for?

If a party kitchen appeals to you then it’s wise to plan ahead. Are you going to want a much larger kitchen space to host friends and family on a regular basis, or do you just need a little bit more extra room to better cope with food preparation when you have friends over? Our professional kitchen designers will work with you to create a space you can make best use of, taking into account existing water and power points to ensure minimal disruption.

3: Get planning permission

One of the biggest hurdles when creating a fantastic new kitchen involves planning permission. You may be able to visualise how incredible your party kitchen will look, but your friends and the local council may not be as understanding… Planning permission can be awfully hard for residents to approach; Simply Extend’s professional team will assist you in navigating the complicated process and help you on your way to achieving the perfect kitchen.

4: Finding the right tradesmen for you

So much work goes into finding the right tradesmen that many people don’t realise. Sometimes finding the right builders, electricians and tradesmen who believe as much in your passion project as you do can be a tall order. Simply Extend will take the weight from your shoulders should you decide to extend your kitchen, and we’ll deal with builders and tradesmen on your behalf throughout the duration of the build, again ensuring minimal disruption on your end.

5: Sourcing the materials for the best finish possible

Kitchen extensions aren’t just about the space. The finish is equally important to the overall layout of the design, and with so much investment going to the build itself it can be tricky keeping some budget to one side to purchase the finish you’ve always dreamed of. Simply Extend will work with you to find the absolute best materials to complement your party kitchen and deliver you with an extension you’ll be proud of.

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