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Kitchen Extension Lighting Guide – Types of Kitchen Light and Their Uses

When it comes to designing a bespoke kitchen extension in London, there are a number of things that we need to take into account. One of the most important factors we have to think about is lighting. Lighting has to be considered as early as possible, since electrical fittings need to be installed in the very first stages of the home extension build. Here, we’ll take a look at the benefits of kitchen lighting and the different kinds available. The…

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Could a Home Extension in London Earn You a Fortune Next Year?

It’s arguable that 2014 will be remembered as the year that house prices in London went barmy and properties as small as a single garage in West London are currently listed for hundreds of thousands of pounds. Of course, that’s not because it’s so much better at holding lawn mowers and bicycles than other garages. It’s because forward thinking property developers could snap it up for thousands, then transform it into a reasonably sized one bedroom apartment and get millions…

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Hot Stuff – 5 Ways to Heat Your Home Extension This Winter with Simply Extend

It’s probably not the first thing you think of when dreaming up your new home extension but once the cold snap kicks in, you’ll probably appreciate the heating option more than anything else. So which heating options are available to you and which should you choose Simply Extend for your home extension? In today’s blog we’re rounding up our favourite 5 Ways to Heat Your Home Extension in London and you’ll find something to suit any taste or budget on…

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Could Home Extensions in London be the key to Shared Homes and Future Living?

The future of home life in the UK is large living spaces shared by multiple adult generations of a family. That is the verdict of a report by the National House Building Council. Could home extensions be key to this vision? In truth, the report was published on the future of new-build housing but could have a knock-on effect to home improvement. The NHBC claim that a lack of affordable houses has led to several generations of a family purchasing…

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Increase the value of your home by appealing to the budding chef

Home owners looking to expand their kitchen will be pleased to know that a third of estate agents in the UK believe that the extension will increase the value of their property. Good news for those budding Jamie Oliver’s and Heston Blumenthal’s in the making. A great way to expand the home and create a larger living area, kitchen extensions are now seen as a financially beneficial solution to increasing space in the home alongside extra bedrooms. According to a…

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Dinner is a Winner as a London Home Extension Creates Beautiful New Kitchen

Breakfast, lunch and dinner times are set to be a lot more fun for one London family, after London building firm Simply Extend completed a breathtaking home extension; centred around a large kitchen/diner space. With a large central island and lots of room for family and friends, this stunning kitchen mixes functionality with a warm family friendly aesthetic. When families grow, they need more space and with London house prices still on the up many families have to find that…

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London House Prices in Brent Rise Faster Than Any Other Suburb

Is there any greater illustration of the incredible London house prices boom than the meteoric rise of Brent? At one time Brent contained some of the capitals most deprived areas and was even oft referred to as the drive-by-shooting capital of the UK. Now, however, Brent is experiencing greater increase in house prices than any other borough in London. This includes illustrious names like Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Westminster. Ironically, this prices hike is believed to have been caused in part…

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Create more room at home, not more financial debt

It’s a fact that house prices are rising steadily, with the latest survey conducted by Halifax showing a 7.9% increase in price in just over a year. Shockingly, 2.4% of this increase has been noted since last month, based on Halifax’s lending figures. This might be bad news for people looking to move into a new property if space is an issue. London house prices in particular are rising fast, which means families and homeowners are looking at a viable…

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Top Tips for Surviving Building work

We all know that undertaking a home improvement project is one of life’s most stressful situations!  To make life that little bit easier, Simply Extend, London’s leading home extension builder has compiled a useful list of 5 key tips to surviving any type of building work. 1. Organise your party wall agreement If your home has a wall that is connected to another property on either side, then you will need to arrange a party wall agreement before the work begins.  Each…

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The 5 most important things to check when selecting a building contractor for your home

With so many contractors available for domestic building projects such as extensions or loft conversions in London, choosing the right one can be a minefield. That’s why Simply Loft and Simply Extend have teamed up to put together a checklist of 5 important things to remember when choosing a builder for your project. The Simply team have years of experience in the trade which gives them a unique insight into the needs of the customer and the standard practices of their competitors. They’re perfectly…

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